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Andreas Ennemoser



Andreas Ennemoser was studying mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Graz. After that he joined AVL to work as a software developer for AVL’s CFD code FIRE in the early 90s. From being a software developer for several years he changed to the powertrain engineering group of AVL and is skill team leader for CFD analysis and thermal management. He leads a group of about 30 engineers who provide CFD related engineering services to the automotive industry. The technology areas include engine, transmission, battery, vehicle cooling and model based control. In addition to his activities in AVL he taught several years as a lecturer for heat transfer at the university of Applied Sciences “FH Joanneum”. He is also a chartered engineering consultant for mechanical engineering in Austria.


The ever rising complexity in product development puts a very high demand on storing, tracking and deploying information. In the automotive industry this is due to an increased number of interdepending systems. For example hybrid vehicles additionally require battery conditioning without deteriorating passenger comfort, but both rely on the air conditioning system. To cope with the enormous amount of data generated during product development PDM systems have been developed. Meanwhile they found their way into many industries and are a core business tool for large high-tech companies. The purpose of this paper is to examine the requirements of information management from the viewpoint of analysis and simulation. Often heard keywords are simulation data management, document management and knowledge management. There is a lot of information published on these topics, still many of them lack the productive realization in an organization. This presentation reports on experiences in developing and successfully implementing a comprehensive simulation data management system covering afore mentioned aspects in a company which is an engineering service provider to the automotive industry.