Knowledge Driven Design

Mikael Lundblad



2004-Present – Manager Metal Cutting Research, AB Sandvik Coromant
2000 – 2003 - Sr Research Engineer, AB Sandvik Coromant
1998-1999 - Manager R&D CAE, AB Sandvik Coromant
1990-1997 - Sr R&D Engineer, AB Sandvik Coromant


With the increased tempo new products appear with, it is increasingly important to be able to fast put out new products with good performance and quality on the market. This leave little time for try and error work and re-loops in the product development work. A way to strengthen the ability for rapid product development that both meets the customer needs and planned time schedule is to base the product development on a process that continuously increase the company’s knowledge and apply this built up knowledge in the product development projects. Presented here is the way of structure knowledge based design supported by a few principles that will deliver both a decrease the product development time and increase the company’s knowledge built up. This will put more focus on truly understand cause and effect and will therefore support implementation and use of CAE tools.