The approach to the reliability by coupled analyses between manufacturing and structural analyses

Hironori Imai



2009: Getting degree in mechanical engineering.
(Aoyama Gakuin Univ.)
2009-2011: Joining SCS as technical sales engineer of press forming simulation.
2011: Joining structural analysis team as a ADVENTURECluster specialist.


Simulation technologies help quality improvement and the time to the market for product in the manufacturing industries. Therefore these technologies are becoming more and more important for modern product design and development. On the other hand users are aware that using only one tool is not enough to obtain the good results in a specific case. Users want to perform more realistic simulations. That is why we are suggesting an approach to the reality by “coupled analysis”. There were some problems to achieve coupled analysis but ADVENTURECluster could solve all these difficulties and perform the coupled analysis in a reasonable manner.
At present, this approach is one of solutions. For example, Nissan Motor performed coupled analysis between sheet metal forming simulation and structural analysis, and they presented about it in the users meeting of ADVENTURECluster. By the result of this approach, they could execute forming simulation with tool deflection and improve the accuracy of springback prediction.
We explain the effectiveness of the coupled analyses with customer example.