Recent advancements in LS-DYNA
pre-processing for crash simulation

Rorris Lambros - BETA CAE Systems SA (Greece)
Lioras Athanasios - BETA CAE Systems SA (Greece)
Kolokythas Yianni - BETA CAE Systems SA (Greece)
Beta Cae


The increasingly demanding and complex requirements in Crash Analysis, call for continuous and innovative software development. BETA CAE Systems in an effort to meet and exceed the requirements of the industry is introducing new cutting edge technologies. in the pre-processing area with ANSA. This paper presents these new technologies.
As CAE comes to moturity the challenges and requirements for the CAE preprocessing software also evolve. Preprocessing should not be a manual job anymore. Automated processes and data handling is crucial for solving complex real world problems.
In the area of Crash and Safety analysis we can find many such examples. FMVSS 201226, and EURO NCAP pedestrian testing protocols demand highly specialized tools that can perform complex positioning operations that until now could only be done manually. With the introduction of the newer ANSA versions, all these operations can be performed, by the software, in a totally automated way.
Automating such procedures leads to the next step. This is performing robustness and sensitivity analyses to gain confidence of the analysis results and deeper understanding of the designs and models.
The advanced scripting environment along with the pre and post processing facilities provided by our products has been used to demonstrate such a use.