Styling and engineering from sea to land: examples of integrated composite design development

Rossetti Fabio - EnginSoft (Italy)
Perillo Marco - EnginSoft (Italy)
Verme Massimo - Verme Projects (Italy)
Verme Projects


Modern architectural design process needs high level of engineering integration.
Engineering and regulations constraints could be a severe limit to architects creativity if not handled by means of a concurrent design scheme.
Composite materials offer several advantages in term of strength and lightweight construction, coming both from raw components characteristics and their optimized use. A wide range of production methods is nowadays available, as far as their related variants.
All these possibilities cannot be handled simply by experience and expertise; an integrated design process is mandatory for mission critical cases.
Design loop procedure between styling and engineering, between creativity and optimization, has been setup between Enginsoft and Verme Projects for composite material design.
Two cases from different engineering fields are presented: a 60m pedestrian bridge and a 30m boat radar arch.
In both cases slenderness demand of styling needs has been fitted with engineering and regulations requirements by means of multiple numerical simulations, performed through Esacomp, ANSYS and ANSYS ACP.