Scilab for space mission design

Thierry Martin - CNES
Wass Rubeecomp


Scilab has been used for several years at CNES (French Space Agency) for space mission analysis, algorithm evaluation and even for operations. As a consequence, a large number of functions and scripts have been developed in Scilab. CNES being a member of the Scilab consortium, it was decided to contribute to the development of Scilab and make these software resources available to the community as an open source and free software. The CelestLab library was created to host part of this heritage. CelestLab is a Partner External Module of Scilab (PEM) and can be installed via ATOMS the packaging systems for Scilab Modules in only a few clicks. CelestLab is now an established toolbox and today we count more than 10000 downloads of this module.

Based on CelestLab a comprehensive set of tools for orbit analysis and design has been developed and is used in the frame of advanced studies.
This set of tools interface easily with the concurrent design facility that is used for satellite and mission design. The talk will present the architecture and the specificities of this working environment as well as the perspectives for future developments.