Overview of Robust Design
Optimization in Chassis and Vehicle dynamics

Fileccia Silvio - FIAT (Italy)



Optimization and robust design is one of the keys to improve quality of the projects, reduce timing in development and costs. Recent applications in automotive industry to develop new cars are showed with particular focus on chassis systems and performances. The development of a car able to concurrence with the best car-makers in the world requires optimizing the performance to reach the best compromise for several different aspects. During the optimization of handling & comfort performances the evaluation of all the possible and robust configuration for suspension parameters allows to analyze different setups for the same vehicle in order to achieve the target setting. The MDO analysis and in some cases robust approach, represent an opportunity for managers to make a decision balancing handling and comfort or other conflicting performances during the process of development of a car. The optimal setup of suspension components must also guarantee robust and stable performances. "Recent applications in chassis & vehicle dynamics virtual process development are showed."