Using Flowmaster for the EPR auxiliary system design

Guelle Marie-Sadako - EDF (France)
EDF France


As safety standards become higher and higher in nuclear industry, powerful numerical tools are needed to design the next generation of nuclear power plants. Accurate modelling of operational and safety systems can ensure these standards are met in a reliable and efficient way. The analysis of the piping network of the Evolutionary Pressurized Water Reactor (EPR) developed by Electricité de France was performed by using CAE tools such as Flowmaster. By simulating different
configurations, the main components (pumps, diaphragms …) of the hydraulics network can be tested and sized.
After the sizing step, the Flowmaster network can also be used to study the impact of a change in the initial design. A case study on the piping network of the Reactor Boron and Water Make-up System (RBWMS) will be presented in this paper.