Monodimensional simulation of SPIDER Cooling Plant using Flowmaster code

Fellin Francesco - Consorzio RFX (Italy)
Zaupa Matteo - Consorzio RFX (Italy)
Zaccaria Pierluigi - Consorzio RFX (Italy)
Consorzio RFX


During the initial step of the design of Air Intake Systems of IC engines, pressure drop calculations are processed with Flowmaster, to ensure that the AIS will allow the engine to be correctly filled with air.
We, in Tristone Flowtech, have developped an automation program that creates a network in the Flowmaster database, launches the solver, and post-processes the results.
This automation program, initially developped in Visual Basic for Flowmaster 6, had to be upgraded to follow the evolution to Flowmaster 7.
We will present the global workflow of this automation program, give insight of some of the traps or difficulties, and evaluate the time spared when automating with Flowmaster7 and with Flowmaster6.